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Martin Christen

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Welcome to Martin's Tutorials!

Here you find tutorials & knowledge related to WebGL, HTML5, JavaScript and other Web technologies.

October 2, 2015: Geospatial Week

My presentation from the Geospatial Week 2015 is now available. The paper is also downloadable from Researchgate:

September 7, 2015: Python Camp

My Presentation from the Python Unconference in Hamburg:

March 29, 2015: Python Camp

Here is one of the presentations I gave at the Python Camp in Köln:

November 11, 2014: Server update

Updated the server. The pages should be a little bit faster now.

February 4, 2014: Source Code

Most source code of the tutorials are now available on github:

December 4, 2013: Webilea Slides

My presentation from Webilea Meetup is now available for download Webilea

November 2, 2013: GeoSharing

My presentation from GeoSharing Workshop is now available for download: Geosharing

September 20, 2013: FOSS4G

My FOSS4G presentation is now available for download: FOSS4G 2013

September 16, 2013: Node-Addons (C++)

Added 2 new tutorials: creating C++ addins for node.js

September 9, 2013: XMLHttpRequest

Added a tutorial for posting data to a node.js server from the browser using XMLHttpRequest:

August 29, 2013: MongoDB

Added a new tutorial: using MongoDB in node.js: Tutorial 8 : MongoDB

July 30, 2013: GLEW Book

The GLEW book I reviewed is now available:


It is a good start learning how to use extensions in OpenGL using the GLEW library. It focuses on development using recent versions of Visual Studio and shows in a few examples how to get started with the GLEW library.

Nanjappa A. (2013), Instant GLEW, Packt Publishing, ISBN 978-1783280476

July 11, 2013: First versions of WebGL tutorials

The first 4 WebGL Tutorials in the series “WebGL: A Screen Space introduction” are in the works:

The approach of this experimental WebGL introduction is not a classic start with vectors/matrices, it starts using shaders and screen space effects.

July 6, 2013: Creating png Image in node.js

Added a new tutorial: how to create png images in node: Tutorial 7 : Creating png Images

July 3, 2013: GeoBeer

The presentation of my GeoBeer talk (German) is available here:

July 2, 2013: Node.js in WebStorm

Added a tutorial how to setup WebStorm for Node.js: Tutorial: Using Node.js in WebStorm.

Also added Tutorial 5: Reading and Writing Files

July 1, 2013: Node Timing Tutorial

June 30, 2013: New Node Tutorials

June 29, 2013

Updated CMS to latest Dokuwiki… Relaunch of, and

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